Evaluation Improves Learning

Edu is an education consultancy.

We evaluate education and training programs to improve their impact and effectiveness.


Effective Digital Learning

Are learners learning?

Edu provides audience research and learnability testing for media, mobile, and game-based learning. Measure learning and improve design.


Unleash Knowledge

Innovative training programs in new technologies.

Edu helps design learner-driven training, sets measureable goals, and evaluates success.


Learner Friendly Education

Connect with learners.

Edu program evaluation studies improve education. Reports show funders the value of their investment.


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Digital Learning

Audience testing of web, games, media, and mobile. Improve design and interactivity. Engage learners and measure impact.

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Consulting on training programs in new technology. Set measureable goals and evaluate success.

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External evaluation to measure the effectiveness of learner-centered education programs.

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