Learner-Centered Education

Edu is a learner-centered education consultancy. We have a proven 20-year track record of helping select clients to evaluate and improve their education and training initiatives.

We serve our clients as an intellectual partner, coach, and critical friend.


We started by helping corporations launch large learner-driven training programs, guiding implementation end-to-end, measuring results, and tracking financial performance.

We work with universities to evaluate training in emerging technologies that facilitates technical skills and collaborative mind-sets of future scientists and engineers.

Program Evaluation

Edu’s learner-centered process helps clients to develop science and technology education centered on the needs of core users, the learners themselves.

Digital Learning

As demand for online learning grows we are helping teams to develop effective digital learning experiences.

Audience research defines learning outcomes. Learnability testing critiques content to develop effective, engaging experiences, optimized to meet learners’ needs across media channels.

The result is immersive interactive, individualized learning experiences. Best use of budget for maximum effect.

Collaborative Evaluation

We help clients to adopt and embrace a collaborative evaluation model that benefits the learner, the project team, and ultimately the funder.

Our expertise is helping projects envision innovative learning. We develop tangible steps to secure funding, create a strategy and milestones, guide implementation, and evaluate results.

Concise reports present achievements, guidelines for improvement, findings for publication, and provide funders an understanding of accomplishments to position future projects.