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Executive Assistant

Edu seeks an Executive Assistant to work in the Edu Business Center office in Estero, Florida.

Requires experience or demonstrated ability in scheduling, project management, budgeting and arranging travel. The applicant must have the ability to interact with clients and senior researchers with tact and grace. Responsibilities include proof reading, minor editing, simple report writing, and critical review of web-based and graphic communication.

Strong computer skills and command of Microsoft Word and Excel are essential. Experience with databases is helpful. The position requires strong Internet search skills and advance technical literacy.

Strong communication skills and the ability to work on a team are important. Competitive compensation, flexible hours ~ 20 hours per week, some potential to work at home, training to acquire new skills and learn new technologies. Please contact us to express interest and request details.

Subcontract Positions

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Academic Writer

Provide original copy for a proposals, reports, web copy, technical articles, and academic publications and presentations. Coordinate the production of conference posters, oversee the production of e-publications, and interface with graphic artists on the display of graphics and document production. Familiarity with the concepts, practices, and procedures of engineering and/or medical education are helpful and valued.

Requires a bachelor’s degree in a related area and 4-6 years of experience in the field or in a closely related area.

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Contract Researcher

Conduct web-based and library research to support client projects. Requires knowledge of major online data providers, and fluent understanding of Dublin Core and international library taxonomy. Candidates need the ability to analyze information and provide succinct reports. A background in higher education or a business environment is helpful. MLS, significant career experience or proven ability in library-based research is essential. This position offers the potential to work from a distance.

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Curriculum and Instruction Specialist

Design and conduct structured review of curriculum material and instructional practices. Conduct performance reviews of existing curriculum plans and advise on common core, state, and federal standards. Assist with analysis of faculty professional development programs and in-service training to improve professional practice in teaching and learning. Evaluate efforts to educate faculty on the use of instructional technologies. Consult with agencies on matters of curriculum development. Assist in empirical research and evaluation studies including historical, analytic, and conceptual studies to examine the effects of educational practice, clarify issues, and make recommendations on policy and practice.

Requires a M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, and a Ph.D. is preferred.

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Education Intern

Edu, Inc. offers internships for upper-division university students, graduate students, and early-career professionals. Assignments provide hands-on experience in education research, evaluation, and project management.

Twelve-week internships are offered to coincide with fall and spring university semesters. A seven-week summer internship is also available. Internships are project-based.

Assignments may include general research support, assisting with developing research protocols, administering surveys, gathering and analyzing data, assisting with interviews, developing reports, and conducting Internet, online, and library-based research. A monthly stipend is available.

Strong computer skills and experience with databases is helpful. Internships require well-developed communication skills, confidence, and the ability to work on a team.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of intent, a résumé, and a one-page statement of academic interests.

Fall application deadline is June 1. Spring application deadline is October 1. Summer application deadline is March 1.

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Education Technology Consultant

Educator or technologist with demonstrated ability to evaluate computer-mediated learning environments. Candidates should have experience in usability testing and the design of interactive multimedia. A background in artificial intelligence is preferred. Experience with Second Life and augmented reality would be helpful.

Requires a M.S. in Education Technology or Instructional Design, and a Ph.D. is preferred.

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Experienced Professional

Skilled software professional to implement, migrate, configure, customize, maintain, and train on Lead development and installation of customized applications and mobile custom Apps. Oversee process implementation, initial set up, build reports and dashboards. Certified Administrator and/or Certified Developer preferred. Demonstrated experience in Apex, Visualforce and development. Experience in Amazon EC2 administration helpful.

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Grants and Contracts Specialist

Assume responsibility for planning, developing, and coordinating activities related to grant proposals, administration of contracts and sub-awards, and disbursement of funds and reports to funding agencies. The specialist is responsible for ensuring that grant proposals adhere to standards and requirements of the funding agency. Position will involve guiding funded projects from proposal to contract. The ability to manage multiple projects and work with grant teams at academic institutions and program officers at funding agencies and foundations is essential.

Experience with US federal grant platforms including NSF Fastlane,, Central Contractor Registration ( and System for Award Management (SAM) databases is essential.

A competitive candidate has significant prior experience in an academic grants or sponsored programs office and facility with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the field.

Requires a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area. Graduate studies in Public Administration are helpful.

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Graphic Artist

Produce graphic art, as well as visual and multimedia materials for proposals, surveys, reports, information and instructional material, and promotions through a variety of media outlets. Produce basic graphic sketches, designs, and copy layouts for online content. Create simple HTML pages. Experience with e-publishing and multimedia production useful.

Please submit qualifications and a link to portfolio.

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Human Resource Generalist

Administer human resources programs and policies including staffing, compensation, and management of subcontract professionals. Establish procedures for onboarding new subcontractors. Oversee the collection, storage, and analysis of human resources data. Ensure compliance with appropriate governmental requirements in the United States and Canada. Lead efforts to identify and recruit promising candidates. Encourage a positive and supportive culture to promote the retention of current subcontractors. Creativity and latitude is expected and encouraged

Bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience are preferred.

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Project Manager

Coordinate a variety of simultaneous consulting projects from proposal to completion. Oversee project schedules, workflow, and deliverables. Coordinate resource loading and monitor and summarize project budgets, progress, and status. Communicate with project leaders to ensure a timely delivery of client deliverables. Experience with project management software is essential.

A bachelor’s degree or significant professional experience is required.

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Research Assistant

Provide general support and assistance to research and evaluation studies. Tasks may include assisting with managing project calendars and workflow, scheduling, preparing for, and assisting with focus groups, assisting with developing research protocols and administering surveys, assisting with interviews, transcription, data entry and simple analysis. May contribute to developing proposals and reports, Fluency in and ability to learn software and online services is important. Facility with Microsoft Excel is essential. Ability to solve problems or recruit and manage subcontractors to solve problems is essential. Schedule varies by project.

Undergraduate degree or equivalent professional experience required. Graduate studies and research experience are helpful.

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Second Life Developer

Second Life or virtual world developer needed to design, evaluate, and administer an immersive virtual environment for education and outreach. Requires a creative individual who can turn concepts into reality. Prior experience developing graphical designs and animations and work in related gaming engines. A proven ability to conceive, design, develop and deliver is essential. Knowledge of augmented reality development tools is helpful.

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Social Media Specialist

Collect and analyze data related to social media campaigns. Assist client projects in identifying appropriate social media channels for their specific education or outreach needs. Conduct research to customize campaigns to various target audiences. An understanding of the use of social media by specific teen demographics and ethnic and cultural minorities is critical.

Must have experience using recognized industry tools to track the performance of various social media initiatives. The ability to use metrics data to recommend, develop, and quickly implement changes to improve results is essential.

Requires a bachelor’s degree or demonstrated experience and results in an appropriate area of specialty. Creativity and latitude is expected and encouraged.

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Specialist in Microsoft Access Development

Seeking senior MS Access developer with demonstrated success on commercial software projects. Expert in MS Access database development, administration, and developing tables, queries, forms, and reports. Experience in SQL. Background in Oracle helpful.

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Tableau Data Visualization Expert

Seeking Tableau consultant with expertise building, deploying and optimizing analytical and business intelligence applications in Tableau. Experience using data and visual analysis to solve real business problems required. Provide targeted deployment of end-user dashboards in Tableau as front ends for Microsoft SQL Server data. Fine-tune and enhance visualizations.

Demonstrated competency in:

  • Interface, Components, Data Window, Views, Cards and Shelves
  • Filters, Sorting, Groups, Hierarchies and Special Field Types
  • Calculations and Parameters, Aggregations and Totals
  • Bar, Line, Geographic, Scatter Plots, Cross tabs, Highlight tables, Heat Maps, Bins, Histograms, Motion Charts, etc.
  • Shapes, Marks and Annotations, Reference Lines, Bands and Trend Lines
  • Dashboard Highlights, Filter Actions, URL actions and Drill-Down
  • Publishing, PDFs, Images and Sharing

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Web Developer

Design and construct web pages and websites for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Maintain and provide ongoing design of the website and online media. Provide basic monitoring of usage, performance, and analytics. Experience in developing intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) features is required. Ability to oversee independent contractors including graphic artists, content producers and web-based application providers is useful.

Requires demonstrated competency, experience in the field or in a closely related area, and a professional-caliber portfolio of prior work.