Douglas Spencer, Ph.D.


Douglas Spencer, Ph.D.

Dr. Douglas Spencer leads Edu. He is an expert in planning, evaluating, and funding large education and training programs. He helps set the overall direction of Edu.

Douglas works across projects to guide Edu teams and clients in developing learner-centered education. He is responsible for developing collaborative evaluation strategies and reviews the results of all projects. He began work at Edu in 1993.

Douglas has 20 years of experience evaluating education and training in emerging technologies. He has served as an external evaluator for more than 50 projects. His past clients include Cornell University, Harvard University, University of California, the National Science Foundation, NASA, the US Department of Education, The National Institutes of Health, and Annenberg Media.

Douglas specializes in evaluating the usability of digital learning. He has contributed to evaluation of online learning platforms for higher education. He serves as an advisor to US federal agencies, blue ribbon panels, and foundations on evaluation of STEM education.

Douglas Spencer holds a Ph.D. in Education from Cornell University. He enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and plays hockey almost every week.