Jediah Graham



Jediah Graham is a lead editor and technical writer at Edu. A language expert, he specializes in translating complex technical information into clear and concise prose.

Since joining Edu in 2004, Jediah has co-authored reports, edited several peer reviewed publications, and polished dozens of large proposals to major funding agencies. He conducts technical research and is responsible for the final review, evaluation, and editing of Edu’s proposals, reports, media, web copy, and technical documents.

A technology specialist, Jediah advises on communication related to learning technologies, games in education, software development, and process engineering. He is instrumental in reviewing education content for games, mobile Apps, and interactive musuem exhibitions. He frequently leads development of storyboards.

Jediah completed undergradute studies in Linguisitics and Asian Studies at the Univeristy of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

An expert in Japanese language and culture outside of Edu, Jediah advises on professional translation of Japanese to English and has published in Japanese on contemporary media culture in Japan. He speaks several languages.