Susan Hibbard, Ph.D.



Dr. Susan Hibbard is a Senior Evaluator at Edu. An expert in testing and metrics she has worked on numerous educational evaluations, research, and accreditation projects.

At Edu, Susan leads evaluation of teacher and student learning outcomes on projects funded by the National Science Foundation. She regularly contributes to research design, quantitative analysis, and summative reporting. Susan has considerable experience facilitating studies based on interviews and focus groups.

Susan earned a Ph.D. in Educational Measurement and Evaluation from the University of South Florida specializing in research on evaluation and the practice of evaluation in school districts. Prior to becoming an evaluator Susan earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, and a master’s degree in science education. She taught middle school and high school science and holds teacher certifications in New York and Florida.

Susan also worked at Perry’s Ice Cream as a laboratory technician where she was required to test and taste ice cream.