Tina Phillips



Tina Phillips is a Senior Evaluator at Edu. She helps clients to address complex challenges related to interactive design of online and mobile learning.

Since joining Edu in 2005, Tina has contributed to large-scale evaluations for the National Science Foundation, UC Berkeley, National Public Radio, and PBS. She brings a decisive candor and directness to promote user-friendly, learner-centered online experiences.

In addition to her work at Edu Tina is an evaluation program manager at the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology where she leads evaluation of several citizen-science projects. As part of this effort, she is developing guiding frameworks and contextually appropriate instruments for evaluating individual learning outcomes. Other areas of concentration include formative and summative evaluations of machine learning experiences and website usability testing. Also emerging research on understanding socio-ecological outcomes of public participation in scientific research (PPSR).

Tina holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Cornell University and is currently a PhD candidate at Cornell examining the relationship between citizen scientists’ participation and outcomes related to knowledge, skills, and behavior.

When not working, Tina enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with her family.