Tori Angelotti



Tori Angelotti is an Evaluator at Edu specializing in elementary and middle school science. Her expertise is translating difficult science content to a level that younger children can understand.

Tori began her tenure at Edu in 2000 working on a national evaluation study of hands-on science learning sponsored by Cornell University. Tori was instrumental in developing innovative research techniques to test young children’s understanding of scientific concepts for the University of California, Berkeley. She helped Edu evaluate two exhibitions at Disney’s EPCOT®, and led activity-based focus groups in classrooms for the National Science Foundation. She is currently guiding front-end research to develop hands-on STEM education modules for inner city and rural girls.

Tori’s professional passion is girl’s education and education reform for underrepresented groups in urban schools. For nine years she taught in an ethnically diverse school in South Florida where she was named Teacher of the Year. She currently teaches in an urban middle school in North Carolina where she was recognized as District Teacher of the Year.

Tori earned a Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of South Florida. She is active in a civic leadership program and volunteers on a disaster action team responding to emergencies for the American Red Cross.