Project #1049

Services provided
  • Outcomes Evaluation
  • Training Design
  • Focus Groups
  • Gap Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Survey

Albany International

Albany International (AI) is a global leader in developing highly specialized synthetic fabrics for the paper industry. Like many manufacturers, AI faces skill gaps – difficulty recruiting qualified entry-level employees and the need to retain and retrain experienced people for new jobs.

Manufacturing specialized polymers fabrics is complex. Training for the job requires testing trainees’ aptitude, attitude, and ability. Applicants must be able to learn math, have inherent problem solving skills, and the ability to develop the skills necessary to operate advanced machinery.

AI invited Edu to lead the design of a corporate college to train semi-skilled workers in the math, science, and technical skills to manufacture engineered polymers. Edu, Inc. guided the internal staff in building a program of hands-on technical schools including 24-hour on-shift cross training, apprentice-mentorships, and train-the-trainer. A Learning Content Management System contained multi-lingual ISO 9001 training modules and custom training plans for each employee.

Edu set measureable goals to evaluate success. The program cut AI’s training time in half, increased production, reduced scrap, and decreased customer complaints.

Edu’s outside perspective helped leaders to grasp the importance of establishing tangible financial measures. Edu established formulas to calculate the training cost for each employee and the monetary loss from failing to retain a trained employee. Edu worked with fiscal managers to calculate training ROI as a financial performance metric.