Project #1044

Funding Agency
  • National Science Digital Library Program
  • National Science Foundation
Services provided
  • Usability Testing



NSF National Science Digital Library Program challenged UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. Collect online activities to teach kids math and science outside the classroom. Create a super user-friendly website to help informal educators search and find STEM learning activities.

The UC Berkeley team wanted to know: How do you use new media to make learning math and science fun for kids? Where do you find the best web-based activities to teach kids? What website design would invite educators to use the resource?


Bridging designers with the end-users, Edu collaborated with the project’s National Advisory Board to develop protocols that evaluate website usability and database design.  Edu convened panels of users to provide feedback throughout several rounds of testing. The evaluation paid off. SMILE provides a high-quality collection of online education materials and digital resources for informal science educators. won the 2012 American Library Association’s Best Website for Teaching and Learning.