Food for 9 Billion

How do you feed 9 Billion people? New media series explores the challenge of feeding the world.



Future scientists communicate research through new media. Howard Hughes Medical Institute sponsors innovative biomedical education using social media for public outreach.


Franklin and Marshall Public Health

Hughes Scholars do public health outreach in Plain communities. Students do biomedical research in Mennonite and Amish communities and learn leadership skills.


Neutron Scattering IGERT

Graduate students do innovative training in neutron scattering research. Hands-on interdisciplinary projects combine international research and training at minority serving institutions.


ShowMe Nature GK-12

Graduate students bring research into elementary school classrooms. Scientists partner with elementary teachers to engage kids in hands-on science.

Case Study

Zoom into Nano

Cornell University hands-on nanotechnology exhibition makes the “invisible” visible. Edu advised on national nano awareness, high-energy design, and audience impact.