User-Friendly Learning

Build effective digital learning. Audience research defines learning outcomes. Learnability testing convenes panels of learners to test designers’ ideas. Edu provides learner-centered thinking to help clients to design engaging learning experiences and rich interactive environments.

Interactive Media Allows Innovative Education

New Media — web, mobile, video, social media, virtual environments, augmented reality, digital libraries, and game-based learning — have the potential to transform education. Evaluation measures the quality and effectiveness of digital learning to improve design and provide the measurable outcomes required by funding agencies.

Relentless Contact with Learners

Edu provides audience research and online learnability testing to create engaging interactive learning. We provide designers with rapid feedback to understand how people use educational media and what they learn.

Measurable Outcomes

We help projects design learning outcomes that translate to simple, intuitive, and effective online education. Innovative evaluation studies – learnability testing – provide measurable evidence of learning to build a case for future funding.


  • Storyboarding and concept testing
  • Usability testing for children, teens, and seniors
  • Play testing for educational games
  • Web and social media analytics
  • Disabilities testing for US Section 508 ADA compliance