Training Programs in New Technologies

Graduate and professional studies, adult education, and workforce development requires training that engages learners and achieves desired outcomes. Edu designs, evaluates, and measures effectiveness of training programs.

Learner-Centered Training for Adults

Corporations and universities need dynamic training programs. Our specialty is designing and evaluating multidisciplinary training programs for scientists, engineers, and paraprofessionals working in emerging technologies.

Set Measureable Goals

Senior leaders need to know where their project stands. A trusted outsource partner, Edu provides metrics of training effectiveness. We advise on best practices to engage learners, reduce training time, control cost, and track return.

Continuous Improvement

Trainers and faculty need a process to meet goals. We help you develop curriculum, create Individual Development Plans (IDP), and test trainees’ aptitude, attitude, and ability.

Evaluate Success

Projects need measurable results. We have extensive experience conducting outcomes evaluation for corporate training systems, large university-based research and education projects, and technology training programs for teachers.


  • Training design
  • Curriculum authoring
  • Mobile learning
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Outcomes and impact evaluation
  • Calculating training ROI
  • Localization and Scalability